Rock Drilling

Our years of experience and range of specialised equipment allows us to install pipelines in the toughest ground conditions and we have completed numerous difficult rock crossings throughout Ireland and the UK.

Rock is one of the most abundant geological matters covering the Earth’s surface and the most challenging ground condition facing underground construction operators. In the past, the presence of rock prevented the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for most underground utility construction. At Markey Drilling we are well equipped with our range of American Augers and Vermeer drilling rigs, designed for the toughest jobs in HDD. However, drilling in rock is not just about switching to rock tooling and proceeding routinely. Drilling in rock requires experience and planning, the right equipment and tooling, patience, and persistence. These are all well demonstrated within Markey Drilling Ltd.

The Advantages

  • labour intensive excavation and reinstatement work being reduced to the absolute minimum.
  • Less intrusive time on site is particularly noticeable when installing property service connections and the crossing of highly frequented roads, rivers, railways, etc.
  • Protects the environment. minimal impact on existing above ground conditions; far lower impact / discomfort on the community.
  • Fewer construction vehicles completing works much faster means little to no negative impact on traffic conditions as well as less noise, (CO2) and fine dust particles.

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