Pipe Ramming

Pipe Ramming is a method for installation of steel pipes and casings. Distances up to 30m long and up to 1,500mm in diameter are feasible, however this method can be used for much larger installations.

Pipe Ramming is extremely versatile as it can can operate from a pit or above ground level as it does not require a thrust wall. Pipe Ramming is also a fast solution and in many cases, has lower overall costs. As No-Dig installation specialists, we own and operate a wide range of Pipe Rammers, and have installed pipes up to 130m in length.

The Advantages

• Less disruption and damage to surfaces worth conserving and minimal restoration.
• Low social costs because detours, half-sided barriers etc. are avoided.
• No jacking abutments or auger cutters required which could get jammed.
• The soil core remains in the pipe during ramming, i.e. no ingress of water when rivers or high water table areas are encountered.
• Adaptable for all pipe diameters with special ram cones.
• Widely acknowledged and accepted simple technique.
• Short set-up and installation times

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