Guided Auger Boring

Guided Auger Boring is the ideal solution for trenchless installations where accuracy relating to line, level and gradient is critical. By utilising an optical guidance system, this quick and efficient trenchless technique can complete thrust boring activities with little or no risks of heave and settlement, with minimal disruption to the surface, surrounding areas and services.

Markey Drilling operate a wide range of Guided Auger Boring systems, pipe sizes range from 90mmØ up to 1016mmØ, with jacking forces from 10t to 150t working from 2.0m long pits or 2.1m standard round shafts. These optically guided systems are the ideal No-Dig solution for installing new gravity pipelines or purely where accuracy is critical.

The Advantages

Prior to pipe installation, a pilot bore is driven to line/level and all aspects of this method fully support the ground during installation, the cut spoil is conveyed by continuous flight auger back to the work pit.

  • Accurate to +/- 25mm over a 50 meter bore length.
  • Using these compact machines there is no slurry created.
  • DN150 to DN725mm Naylor Denlok Vitrified Clay can be installed.
  • Cost effective and time saving alternative to open cut methods when installing pipes amidst extensive underground infrastructure or at significant depths.Only a small footprint for the working area is required.
  • The ground is fully supported during installation

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