Markey Drilling Ltd is a Horizontal Directional Drilling company established in 2004 by two brothers, Ciaran Markey and Sean Markey. Ciaran has 20 years’ experience and training in the construction and utility industry which gives him the capability and expertise to ensure his clients have a positive experience ensuring they have their projects completed on time and within budget.

Sean Markey has 18 years’ experience and training in the construction and utility industry. He has worked throughout Ireland, the UK and Australia on various utility projects from 25mm – 900mm pipes sizes. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, Markey Drilling Ltd have been installing pipes for various applications beneath major infrastructures including, Motorways, Railways, Roads, Runways, Rivers and Canals, connecting utilities such as Gas, Electric, Water and Technology.

" Our long-term staff, expertise and experience as horizontal directional drillers enable us to provide unrivalled solutions. We focus on our customer objectives and recognise the need to be adaptable to all our customers’ requirements. This in turn presents unsurpassed levels of quality and service. "

— Sean Markey / Managing Director

Safety is, and always has been at the forefront of everything we do. When it comes to safety we over deliver, surpassing industry standards to deliver the best possible environment for our team to operate in. We are never complacent, constantly innovating and reevaluating safety practices to make sure we lead by example in our industry.